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Pre-Purchase Electrical Assessment

Pre-Purchase Electrical Assessment

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About to spend a cool mil? (and then some?) 

Property prices in Auckland are getting higher and higher by the day, but you may need to leave some money in the kitty for some work on your new home after you have signed on the dotted line. 

We offer a Pre-Purchase Electrical Assessment identifying any areas in your potential new home that may need either attention or repair both imminently or in the future. 

We will attend the property at an agreed time, explore the electrical DNA and create a report for your review, highlighting anything that may need attention based on a simple priority system 

RED - needs urgent attention for safety of people and property 

ORANGE - completely safe, but will need some maintenance over the short- medium term 

GREEN - the homeowners dreams and wants , ie answering some of YOUR questions coupled with our expertise ...LED lights will brighten the room and save you some cash, lighting and security suggestions, where you could put that spa pool, etc. 

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