What we DON'T Do

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We DON'T charge like a wounded bull

Did I just hear a sigh of relief ? 

When you receive a bill from us its honest, fair and takes into account all requirements of completing the job, we say its honest $ for an honest job - sweet? 

We also have some great payment options (Pay Pal, Credit Card and and good ole fashioned bank deposits)

We DON'T leave mess in our wake. 

We mean this both literally and figuratively- cleaning up after ourselves, invoicing promptly and providing any required compliance docs as soon as we can. 

We DON'T use inferior products...

By all means buy yourself that bathroom fan you saw on special at a consumer hardware store...but please don't ask us to install it..- okay? 

why you ask? 

Because we are professionals with access to the best professional product for the job, our suppliers guarantee their product when installed correctly by qualified tradesperson.

 We maintain great records of materials used on jobs, we know the capabilities of what we use, and thus guarantee our work, and we know you want guaranteed work....for us to do guaranteed work- we need to be wholeheartedly confident in the quality of what we are installing. 

eg we had one of our favourite clients purchase a hardware store bathroom fan....against our better judgement (and advice!) we installed it for them, it failed 4 x (thats 4 x they had to call us, get us out, to remove it,  return to hardware store for an exchange... time = money for all involved ) on the 4th occasion we replaced it direct from our supplier and the client still has our bathroom fan going strong 5+ years later. 

This doesn't mean we never install items you have purchased directly - but trust us we have 20+ experience and our brains are like a catalogue of excellent quality (and that doesn't immediately mean overpriced ;-) ) products....ask us we will be happy to work with you to find the best option. 

We DON'T sign off on another sparky's (or non sparky as history often has it) work... 

You don't lay claim to others work in your office -right? 

The same goes for us, except theres waaaay more riding on it for us if someone got their wires crossed (if you catch my drift )

We reckon if it needs signing off...it probably is best left to the pro's anyway- don't you think?